Tree condition surveys can reduce annual expenditure on unplanned reactive tree works, help gain a better understanding of your green assets and reduce the risk of trees with defects in high use areas.

St Aubyn Tree Consultancy’s professional tree condition surveys meet requirements under both Civil Law (Occupiers’ Liability Acts) and Criminal Law (Health & Safety at Work Act). Surveys can cover individual trees for householders or larger tree stocks for estate owners, Parish/Town Councils, educational facilities and residential/commercial management companies.

Our tree risk management approach is tailored to suit your requirements, looking at your tree stock and the level of use of the areas near trees, particularly those near public footpaths and roads. We provide:

  • Professional tree surveys using industry best practice visual tree assessment (VTA) techniques and risk management assessments (ISA TRAQ)
  • Tags for trees requiring works
  • A colour-coded tree works plan
  • A clear tree works specification to BS3998:2010 Tree works – Recommendations
  • Assistance with protected trees (TPO and Conservation Area) and/or Felling Licence requirements
  • Veteran tree management plans
  • If required, a formal tree risk management strategy for the site

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